Large classic iron-on name labels


* The preview is illustrative, the product may differ from the displayed image.


25*46 mm
Suitable for clothes
Name labels can be attach to clothes with iron
Items with a name labels can be washed in the washing machine
Washing temperature up to 60 ° C
Minimum order is 10 name labes

Design options

Text color
Font style
Icon selection

Large classic iron-on name label…

– can be attach WITHOUT ironing paper between the nameplate and the iron
– can be REMOVE if necessary
– text is wear resistant
– SIZE are 25*46 mm
– can be attach to clothes with iron
– washable at temperatures up to 60°C

Iron-on name labels are suitable for blouses, skirts, shirts, customs, sportswear, dresses, jackets, coats, suits, jackets, uniforms, work clothes, trousers, scarves, towels, bed linen, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, tents, …

You can design your name labels yourself. To do this, enter the text line by line, select the text color and add a suitable icon if desired. The minimum order quantity is 10 name labels.

Detailed instructions for applying the large classic iron-on name labels will be sent with the order.